Empowering brands to break barriers and amplify their voice

Using AI, Floral empowers brands to break through the noise, utilize their content to the fullest, and craft their distinct voice, leveling the playing field and breaking down barriers to global success.

Our vision for the future

With the need to compete on multiple channels and the constant need for differentiation and relevance, it can be overwhelming for brands to keep up. We believe that experiential differentiation is key for lifestyle brands to build long-term customer relationships and sustainable business models. However, achieving this requires a shift in mindset and working methods. Brands need to consistently produce high-quality content, raise the creative bar across channels, and maintain a consistent execution while learning from their experiences.

Unfortunately, many small brands struggle with limited resources and specialized skills, making it difficult to achieve these goals. That's why we're building a product that wants to free up resources for brands, allowing them to focus on what truly sets them apart: their product, their creatives, and their content.

At Floral, we envision a future where brands are empowered to break through the noise, fully utilize their content, and craft their distinct voice. We strive to level the playing field between small and large brands, where the best content, product, and voice wins.

We want to break down technological, cultural, and linguistic market barriers, enabling brands to connect with their consumers worldwide and making the success criteria relevance rather than resources.

We believe that Artificial Intelligence is a driving force in this movement. It is not just a multiplier of content, but an additional set of hands and knowledge that helps drive momentum.

Dump, build, push.

Your content is what makes you, you. Upload it in Floral, tell us when you want to talk about it, and watch the magic happen.


Create your content, then upload text, images and links.

Upload from your computer, or from your favorite cloud storage provider. We support all the major ones.

Build using AI

We use the latest LLMs to generate a campaign across your channels

Tell Floral when you want to talk about your content and on what channels. We'll do the rest

Execute automatically

Approve the generated campaign, then lean back.

A simple approval workflow lets you make any last-minute changes. Floral then posts your campaign automatically.

It's time to take control of your marketing

Contact us to schedule a demo of Floral and learn how we can help you grow your business.